World Heart Day: Blood Groups More Susceptible To Heart Diseases; How To Protect Your Heart

Taking care of your heart is paramount for a healthy life. The heart, the most vital organ in our body, deserves special attention. In today’s world, due to unhealthy lifestyles, an increasing number of people are falling victim to heart disease. Shockingly, cases of heart attacks are not confined to the elderly; even the youth is experiencing a surge in such incidents. World Heart Day is commemorated annually to raise awareness about heart diseases.
Heart-related ailments can be influenced by various factors, including lifestyle, genetics, and, surprisingly, blood group. Yes, your blood group might contribute to the risk of a heart attack. In this article, we will explore which blood group faces a higher susceptibility to heart-related diseases.
Research Findings
Studies on blood groups and heart diseases have shown that specific blood groups are associated with a heightened risk of heart attacks. Research indicates that individuals with blood groups A and B are at a greater risk of heart disease. People with these blood groups tend to have an increased propensity for blood clotting, which elevates their susceptibility to heart ailments. Interestingly, individuals with blood groups other than A and B are comparatively at a lower risk of heart disease.
Lower Risk Blood Group
According to the American Heart Association, research encompassing approximately 400,000 individuals has demonstrated that those with blood group O face a lower incidence of heart-related diseases. Individuals with blood group O have a reduced likelihood of heart disease compared to other groups. The risk of heart attacks and heart failure is diminished by about 10 per cent among individuals with blood group O.
Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
The key to preventing heart disease lies in adopting a healthy lifestyle. Alongside a balanced diet, regular exercise plays a vital role in heart health.
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