Why Do Men Find Married Women More Attractive?

It is not a surprise that men find unmarried women more appealing. It’s not a new trend but the only difference is that people have become vocal about it. As per the latest research, as far as relationship is concerned, unmarried men now prefer other men’s wives or married women in comparison to unmarried women.

Relationship Coach and Founder of Prediction for Success, Vishal Bhardwaj, talking about similar research stated that the main reason for men’s attraction towards married women.


Married women are not available for any other relationship. The unavailability of women is quite challenging as well as exciting for men. They prefer to approach such a relationship.


Women after marriage develop a better understanding and decision-making ability. This quality of women also attracts men.

Caring Attitude

As per men, married women are more caring as compared to unmarried women. This is another reason why men find married women more appealing.


As per men, the maturity level of married women is more as compared to unmarried ones. This is another reason for men to date married women.

Physical Appearance

As per men, married women are more well-maintained as far as physical appearance is concerned. The hormonal changes in married women also make them more attractive and appealing to men.

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