What Do You Think Of BMW? Mercedes AI’s Response Will Leave You Laughing On Ground

New Delhi: Luxury car enthusiasts are in for a treat as a video making waves on social media showcases a Mercedes owner engaging with his vehicle’s AI system, resulting in some side-splitting banter about rival brand BMW. The exchange not only tickled funny bones but also added a dash of friendly rivalry to the ever-thriving Mercedes vs BMW debate.
In this viral video, a Mercedes driver decided to have a light-hearted chat with his trusty Merc’s AI system. His question? A playful inquiry about the renowned German automobile manufacturer BMW, Mercedes’ long-time competitor in the luxury car market.
The hilarious exchange
As the man behind the wheel asks, “Hey Mercedes?” to the Merc AI, the response is quick. The AI coolly responds with, “How can I help?”
Unfazed, the driver reiterates, “What do you think of BMW?” To which the Merc AI delivers a hilarious zinger, stating, “The same as you do. Otherwise, we would not be sitting here.”
The video was posted on Instagram by a user named @dieterpey with a caption reading, “Mercedes being cheeky”.

Social media sensation
This amusing interaction between the Mercedes owner and his car’s AI system has become a sensation on social media platforms. Luxury car aficionados, Mercedes loyalists, and even BMW enthusiasts have joined in the fun, sharing the video widely and engaging in light-hearted banter.
Adding spice to the rivalry
The age-old rivalry between Mercedes and BMW owners has now found a fresh dimension with this comical video. While both brands have their unique attributes and fiercely dedicated fan bases, moments like these remind everyone that there’s always room for some good-natured rivalry and laughter in the world of luxury automobiles.
As the video continues to captivate viewers worldwide, it’s evident that the bond between a car owner and their vehicle goes beyond the road. It’s all about the experiences, the humor, and the love for these marvelous machines. And while Mercedes and BMW owners may engage in spirited debates, at the end of the day, they all share a passion for the world of luxury cars.