WATCH | South Korean Embassy Holds Traditional ‘Puja’ Ceremony for New Car, Know Why

In a gesture that celebrates cultural fusion, the South Korean Embassy in India conducted a traditional ‘puja’ ceremony to mark the arrival of a new vehicle, which happened to be a Hyundai car from South Korea’s leading automaker, Hyundai Motor Company. The embassy shared a video of the ceremony on social media, showcasing the integration of Korean and Indian customs.
The new vehicle, a Hyundai Genesis GV80, will serve as the official vehicle for Ambassador Chang Jae-bok. In line with Indian tradition, a priest performed the ‘puja’ ritual to seek blessings and good luck for the vehicle’s journey.
The embassy expressed its delight at receiving the Hyundai Genesis GV80 and posted on social media, “We are delighted to have a new Hyundai Genesis GV80 as the ambassador’s official vehicle and held a puja ceremony wishing for good luck! Join our embassy’s new journey!”

We are delighted to have a new Hyundai Genesis GV80 as the Ambassador’s official vehicle and held a Pooja ceremony wishing for good luck! Join our embassy’s new journey!
— Korean Embassy India (@RokEmbIndia) September 25, 2023

The video gained significant attention on social media, with users appreciating the embassy’s respectful embrace of Indian culture and traditions. Many hailed the gesture as a positive representation of cultural appreciation and diplomacy.
One user emphasized the importance of cultural pride, stating, “Our culture is Our Pride.”
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Another user commended the act of using a vehicle from one’s own country as a positive message of unity.
A third individual praised the embassy’s respect for another culture, emphasizing that this is a way to show cultural respect.
Lastly, a fourth user added humor to the conversation by saying, “We only have one heart, how many more do you need to win..!!”
This unique blend of customs and cultures serves as a heartwarming example of diplomatic goodwill and cultural appreciation between South Korea and India.