WATCH | Delhi Metro: Man’s Backflip Stunt Ends In Epic Fail

In recent times, a series of videos featuring antics inside Delhi Metro trains have gained notoriety on the internet. Despite repeated warnings from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) against filming videos inside train coaches, such clips continue to proliferate, forming a concerning trend.
One particularly noteworthy video features a man attempting a backflip stunt inside a Delhi Metro train, which ultimately ends in a painful failure. The video, shared on the Instagram profile ‘chaman flipper,’ depicts the man preparing for his ambitious flip, with fellow passengers looking on. However, as he leaps, he loses control and lands awkwardly on his head, clearly in pain.

Sharing the post, he humorously wrote, “Metro mein chot lag gai. (I got hurt in the metro).”
The video quickly went viral, drawing criticism from social media users who deemed such activities as a “nuisance.” Many questioned why so many people were filming such videos on the metro. Some users made fun of the failed stunt, while others expressed genuine concern for the man’s safety.
Comments ranged from “Catch this guy and hand him over to the cops. Doing such activities on the metro is risky” to “Who asked you to perform such stunts when you don’t know how to do it? You made a fool of yourself.”
Another user humorously suggested, “Due to embarrassment, he must have left the metro at the next station,” while someone else pointed out, “If you attempt it from that low, this is bound to happen.”
Another concerned comment read, ”Oh God, hope you are okay. If you do this in the metro, you will get hurt only.”
These incidents have raised concerns about safety on the Delhi Metro, and DMRC’s repeated warnings seem to have little effect on curbing these dangerous and disruptive behaviors. It’s crucial for commuters to prioritize safety and adhere to the rules and guidelines set by the DMRC to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for everyone.