Viral Video: ‘Mujhe Pilayi Gayi Hai…’ Claims Man Caught By Police For Being Drunk

Hajipur: In a peculiar turn of events in Bihar, a man caught in an inebriated state made a startling claim to the police: “I did not consume alcohol; they compelled me to drink and vanished.” Bihar has been a dry state for seven years now, with a strict ban on liquor, yet incidents like this continue to perplex authorities.
The incident occurred in the Mahua police station area, where locals alerted the Dial 112 team after spotting a man causing a disturbance. When the police arrived at the scene, they discovered the young man in an intoxicated state, creating a commotion. However, what followed was a startling twist as the man, overwhelmed by emotions, vehemently proclaimed his sobriety. Through uncontrollable tears, he insisted, “I have not consumed alcohol; someone forcibly made me drink.”
Viral video sparks attention
As the bizarre interaction between the youth and the police unfolded, astounded onlookers captured the incident on their mobile phones. The video has since gained significant attention on social media platforms.
Law enforcement swiftly took the inebriated man into custody and transported him to the police station. Due to his inebriated condition, he was subsequently admitted to a hospital for medical treatment.

‘I did not drink, they made me do it,’ says man caught by police officials in Bihar. Being a dry-state, such incident highlights the lack of controlling the pouring in of illegal alcohol into the state. #Bihar #BiharNews #BREAKING_NEWS #BREAKING
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Persistent challenges despite liquor ban
Bihar’s liquor ban, implemented seven years ago, aimed to eradicate the sale and consumption of alcohol. However, the reality paints a different picture, with frequent seizures of substantial liquor consignments in various districts and daily arrests of individuals for alcohol consumption. Open displays of drunken behavior remain a common sight on the streets, often documented in viral videos.
Investigation continues
Prabhat Ranjan Saxena, the Officer-in-Charge at Mahua Police Station, stated that the young man’s mental state appeared unstable, and he was not providing clear information. The youth is currently undergoing medical treatment, and further legal actions will be determined as the investigation unfolds.
Despite Bihar’s strict prohibition laws, incidents like this continue to highlight the persistent challenges faced by authorities in curbing alcohol-related activities and enforcing the ban effectively.