VIDEO: Who is Zayn Sofuoğlu? How Is He Driving Supercars, Superbikes And Trailers At 4?

New Delhi: In a jaw-dropping display of skill, four-year-old Zayn Sofuoğlu left viewers astounded as he expertly drives a superbike, a supercar and can also be seen riding a VW van with a trailer around a race track. This pint-sized driving sensation from Turkey is none other than the son of former professional motorcycle racer, Kenan Sofuoğlu, a five-time Supersport World Championship titleholder. The young Zayn’s incredible talents are making waves, and the viral video showcasing his driving prowess is nothing short of remarkable.

Born to race
It’s no surprise that Zayn Sofuoğlu possesses such remarkable driving skills with a motorsport legend as his father. In the video we witness Zayn taking command of the VW van. Due to his size, a booster seat is a must for him to see over the steering wheel, and the pedals have been adjusted to allow him easy access.
With his seat belt securely fastened and the van’s door closed, Zayn embarks on the task of reversing the VW van, with a precious cargo in tow—a BMW M3 Touring on a trailer hitched to the van. What unfolds next is simply awe-inspiring as Zayn deftly navigates the van and trailer through a narrow gap in a fence and onto the race track.

A young prodigy
While he may not set any speed records in reverse, Zayn’s control and precision are unparalleled for a four-year-old, especially considering the length of the van and the trailer. But Zayn’s talents extend far beyond maneuvering vehicles. This young sensation has already mastered the art of motorcycling, evident in another video where he fearlessly rides an 1,800 CC motorbike with an ear-to-ear grin.

But that’s not all—Zayn can also water ski, race go-karts, operate a drone, and more. With a staggering 1.7 million Instagram followers, his adventures have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The future certainly looks exciting for this extraordinary young talent.