UP Man Brutally Beaten With Bricks, Targeted With Religious Slurs | WATCH

An incident of discrimination on the grounds of religion recently came to light where a young man was brutally beaten, simply for donning a cap. In Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut, a young man named Aryan accompanied his sister to NAS Degree College to pay her fees. Little did they know that this day would soon take a horrifying turn.
Unbeknownst to them, their attire triggered an unthinkable ordeal. Moments later, as they stood near the college’s entrance, a group of young men approached them, their expressions twisted with hostility. Harsh words filled the air, and religious slurs tainted the atmosphere. Aryan, steadfast in his beliefs, refused to remove his cap, sensing the tension escalating.
Without warning, chaos erupted. The assailants, driven by blind anger, attacked Aryan with a brick. His sister, desperate to protect him, tried to intervene, but the violence persisted. Amidst the chaos, the attackers cruelly demanded that Aryan remove his cap as if it were a symbol of defiance.
The shocking incident was captured by the college’s CCTV cameras, a painful testament to hatred towards another religion, that unfolded that day. Aryan’s cries for help, his sister’s courage, and the brutality they faced shook the community to its core.
Take a look:

In UP’s Meerut, a youth Sahil who had gone to a city-based college to deposit fees of his younger sister was attacked by miscreants. It is being alleged that he was targeted with religious slurs. pic.twitter.com/zMWf7zWepi
— Piyush Rai (@Benarasiyaa) September 27, 2023

The video has been circulating on the internet and netizens shared the consequences of religious discrimination that they come across in their day-to-day lives. One user sarcastically penned, “Great Indian culture.”

Great Indian culture
— Zakir Hussain (@ZakirHu35103422) September 27, 2023

While another user shared an incident where a Dalit girl was harassed by a Muslim man. He articulated, “Dalit girl was harassed by Muslim men in Lakhimpur. Dalit groups staged huge protests against that. You will not report crimes when accused are Muslims.”

Dalit girl was harassed by Muslim men in Lakhimpur .Dalit group staged huge protest against that.You will not report crimes when accused are muslims.https://t.co/1oGwk6h0tx
— Shiva Reddy (@shivadushetti) September 27, 2023

The deep-rooted prejudices continue to plague society, wrapping up innocent people in its flame.
As per the reports, a case against the unidentified assailants has been registered.
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