Stray Dog Attack Child While Playing Outside His Home In UP’s Banda

In Banda, Uttar Pradesh, a stray dog attacked a 7 year old child name harsh while playing outside the house, grabbing the child’s head in its jaws. When alerted by the commotion, nearby residents rushed to the scene, but the dog had already inflicted significant injuries on the child. The family swiftly transported the injured child to the district hospital, where he received initial medical attention before being referred to a more specialized medical facility. The child now faces a life-and-death struggle.

This distressing incident took place near Parashuram pond, within the jurisdiction of the city police station. The victim, Harsh, a 7-year-old son of Raj Govind residing in the area, was innocently playing outdoors when the stray dog attacked him. The dog clamped onto his head, causing severe injuries that required immediate medical intervention.

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Doctors at the district hospital recommended stitches for the child, but due to the pain and distress he was experiencing, they decided to refer him to a higher-tier medical center for more comprehensive treatment. Dr. Pradeep Kumar, the Medical Officer at the District Hospital, confirmed that the child, who had been attacked by a dog, had suffered extensive injuries and needed advanced medical care, which is why the referral was made.

Local residents have expressed concerns about stray dogs in the area and claim to have filed complaints with the municipality, but their pleas have not been addressed. They emphasize the urgency of capturing stray dogs before a more severe incident occurs and urge the municipality to take swift action to alleviate this issue and protect the community.

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