Sourav Ganguly Breaks Silence On Foreign Visit With Mamata Banerjee, Here’s What He Said

Kolkata: Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian cricket team and current President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), addressed the recent controversy surrounding his trip to Spain alongside West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Ganguly’s strong response emphasized his autonomy to choose his destinations without political affiliations.
Independent and free
In his statement to the media, Ganguly asserted his independence, emphasizing that he is neither a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) nor a Member of Parliament (MP), and has no political party affiliations. He stated, “I am a free person. I can decide where I will go. Everyone has equal rights. Whether it’s Kolkata, Delhi, or Spain, it’s the same for me.”
Investment announcement in Spain
During his visit to Spain, Ganguly made an investment announcement related to West Bengal, involving a company with which he is associated. This choice led to questions about why the announcement was made from Spain when it could have been made in Kolkata. In response, Ganguly maintained that he is not answerable to anyone regarding his decisions.
No political ambitions
Ganguly clarified that he does not harbor any political ambitions, which further justifies his right to travel freely and meet people. He emphasized the importance of social interactions and the need to avoid confinement within one’s home.
Business background and global investment
During his tour of Spain, Ganguly highlighted his multifaceted identity, citing his family’s business background. He noted that his grandfather had established a family business in Kolkata around 35 years ago, which eventually received recognition from the state government. Ganguly stressed that West Bengal actively encourages global investment opportunities.
As the controversy surrounding his trip continues to generate discussion, Sourav Ganguly remains steadfast in his assertion of personal freedom and independence in his choice of travel destinations and business decisions.