‘Separation Marriage’ a Unique Trend Creates Buzz In Japan

For couples who aspire to have a compassionate relationship with their soulmate without any fight or argument, a unique concept has emerged named ‘Separation Marriage’. Also called Weekend Marriage, this trend is quite popular in Japan.

In this unique trend, couples are allowed to jointly enjoy the benefits of married life as well as living as a single.

Love but no interference

Recently, a news channel, showcased a story of a couple, implementing the concept of ‘separation marriage’. The couple named Hiromi Taked and Hidekaju, is following the concept of ‘Separation Marriage’. Hiromi is an independent fitness trainer while her husband is a business adviser. Being professional, the couple spends most of their time on computers, replying to emails, and writing mails. The couple enjoys a separate lifestyle. In order to maintain the work-life balance, the couple decided to live separately and follow the ‘Separation Marriage’ concept.

Sharing his experience, Hidekaju, said, ”My work is my priority. I failed to manage the work-life balance in my first marriage. But now due to the concept of Separation Marriage, I am able to focus on my work by being in a healthy relationship with my second wife.”

Talking about their unique marriage concept, the couple stated that they are also able to give sufficient time to their kid. However, as per the couple, their neighbours assume that they have parted ways. As per the couple, this new marriage concept has eased their life to much extent as there is no compulsion for the couple to live together anymore.

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