Petrol Pump Strike May Turn ‘Indefinite’; Govt Response Awaited

Rajasthan No Petrol Today: Due to a strike announced by the Automobiles Association, people will not be able to get refills at petrol pumps today, October 1. In Rajasthan, the Petroleum Pumps Association has contacted all the petrol pump closures in the state from 6 am to 6 pm on October 1.

The VAT company has also threatened to carry on the closures in case the Rajasthan government does not agree to their terms and conditions and, in a ‘permanent attack’, petrol pumps will be closed for an indefinite time from October 2.

Two days ago, the petrol pump informed district administration at its headquarters in Rajasthan that the state government has taken no action so far regarding the demand to reduce the VAT.

What Are The Demands? 

The Automobiles Association has demanded that the VAT should be reduced. After this, a symbolic attack was carried out for two days on September 13 and 14, but there was no response from the government. After this, a permanent attack was carried out on September 15. However, the strike was dismissed on 15 September itself after negotiation with the government.

The Rajasthan government is accused of charging more for petrol and diesel than the neighboring state governments of Punjab and Gujarat. That is why petrol pump drivers are continuously raising slogans against the state government demanding reduction in weight.

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As compared to Punjab, petrol is costlier by about Rs 14 per liter in Sriganganagar in Rajasthan. There is also a difference of Rs 10 per liter in the prices of diesel as compared to Punjab.

Along with common people, pump operators also have to suffer huge losses in the current scenario. During the conversation, Minister Khachariyawas agreed on three demands: inclusion of petrol and diesel in GST, increasing the commission of petrol pump operators, opening of paper depots in Hanumangarh and Ganganagar. But the government did not give any reply even after the time expired.

Now keeping an eye on the elections, petrol pumps are continuously putting pressure on the government. If the government does not reduce the VAT, petrol pumps will continue their strike.

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