Monstrous! Man Raped, Assaulted, And Killed 39 Dogs In ‘Torture Room’, Filmed Videos Of Crime

Humanity has hit a new low! A sadistic maniac from Australia crossed all the limits of brutality and kept on abusing innocent pets for ten years. For his pleasure, Adam Britton had been sexually exploiting more than 39 dogs until his arrest in 2022. The 51-year-old is a zoologist, a crocodile expert who is also said to have worked with renowned broadcaster David Attenborough and has been associated with BBC and National Geographic.
Online portal as pet keeper
To fulfill his sinful desire, he raped and abused his own two dogs for years but he didn’t stop here. Adam created a portal for pet-keeping and started ‘serving’ people who had to leave for work or travel leaving their dogs. In the name of caretaking, he used to rape and torture their pets.
Torture room and videos
He also had a specific room where he performed this heinous crime. He named it the torture room wherein he used to do every kind of brutality that crossed his mind. Recording his acts and uploading some of the pictures of brutality was his way to satiate his sadistic sexual interest. As per him, pets are nothing more than sexual toys and they exist to be enjoyed and abused.
Courtroom and the verdict
As per the reports, the facts related to Adam’s crime were so horrendous that Chief Justice Michael Grant urged the public gallery and media to leave the court as they were read out. Police said that they seized 44 items including mobile phones, computers, cameras, hard drives, tools and weapons, dog paraphernalia, and sex toys. They also found disturbing videos of animal cruelty and around 15 child abuse material files on his laptop.
Adam Britton stood emotionless and stone-faced in the dock at the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory and pleaded guilty. He has been convicted in 56 cases and the quantum of punishment has to be announced soon in December.