Local Vendor Drives Audi A4 Luxury Sedan To Sell Vegetables On Ground

Viral Video: A video is taking rounds on the internet which shows a local vendor coming from a Audi A4 luxury sedan in Kerala to sell vegetables. The video has attracted everyone’s attention on social media.

Sujith SP, known as ‘Variety Farmer’ shared the video on Instagram. The video shows him farming and then driving his luxury car – an Audi A4 that sells for over Rs 44 lakh – to sell his produce at a roadside market.

“When Audi went to sell spinach,” Mr. Sujith wrote in the caption of his post. The footage showed the man harvesting spinach and then transporting it by trailer while driving his Audi A4 to the market. Further in the video, the man was seen spreading a mat on the floor and displaying red spinach to customers.

As the day finishes, the ‘Vareity Farmer’ packed up his stuff and got into his luxury sedan. He opened the car, wrapped his lungs around his shorts, got in the car and drove away.

Mr. Sujith shared this video a few days ago and since then it has garnered over 479,658 likes and over 8 million views. Netizens praised the farmer for his hard work and dedication that contributed to his success.

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One user wrote: “A great source of inspiration for young people aware of agriculture.”

“Spinach for Audi = Dedication,” said another. A third user wrote: “There are no words left to say… You are a good role model”, while another commented: “This is motivating”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sujith is no stranger to fame. This farmer from Kerala is famous for spreading awareness online about innovative farming techniques, growing different crops and integrating technology into agriculture. He has more than 203,000 followers on Instagram.

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