Lion Enjoys Tides At Arabian Sea, Netizens Mistake It With ‘Narnia’ Scene

A picture is going viral on the social media, showing a lion enjoying tides at Arabian Sea on the shore in Gujarat. The pictures reflects a scene from the blockbuster Hollywood film Narnia. The pictures has fascinated all young-adults who grew up watching the film.

“The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The captivating picture was shared by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan on his official account X (formerly Twitter). The officer compared it to an image from the movie Narnia, where a lion stands in front of the sea during the climax.

“When #Narnia seemed real. A lion king was captured while enjoying the tides of the Arabian Sea on the coast of Gujarat. Polite: CCF, Junagadh,” he wrote.

Kaswan also shared a research article about the Asiatic Lion and said: “Interested people can read this paper also on Asiatic Lions. ‘Living on the sea-coast: ranging and habitat distribution of Asiatic lions’ by Mohan Ram and others. Published in nature”.

“Stunning! Nature’s magic in Narnia. Lion King’s seaside serenity on Gujarat’s coast. Thanks to CCF, Junagadh, for this beauty!” wrote a user on the post whereas another user mistook it with a scene from Narnia: “I thought narnia movie ka screenshot hai… (I thought it was a scene from Narnia.)

Meanwhile, one pointed out the way lion was standing and amdmired it. “Symbolic of the Lion of Gujarat we all admire -standing majestically unperturbed by the din and unmoved by the waves,” said the X user.  



 A Scene From Narnia

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