Jadeja’s Video Of Mimicking Kohli Goes Viral, Users Flood Reddit With Hilarious Meme

A recently resurfaced video circulating on social media features Ravindra Jadeja playfully imitating Virat Kohli in a game of dumb charades. The video, originally shared on Reddit, depicts Rohit Sharma participating in the game with Jadeja. In this amusing exchange, Jadeja acts out various individuals while Rohit attempts to guess correctly. When the card with Virat Kohli’s name is presented, Jadeja quickly impersonates him, leading to Rohit eventually making the correct guess.
Jadeja mimicking Kohlibyu/ZealousidealAnt2155 inIndiaCricket

Virat Kohli himself is present in the room and can be seen enjoying the playful imitation game, laughing along with the others. Since its upload, the video has garnered significant attention, with numerous views and comments on social media platforms.
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Commenting on the video, a Reddit user remarked, “This video came out during the time the rift rumours were at an all-time high.” Another individual humorously suggested, “He should have said ‘Ben Strokes.’”
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In a similar viral video from earlier, Kohli showcased his impressive mimicking skills by imitating the mannerisms of Harbhajan Singh on the field. The video, initially posted on Reddit, quickly gained popularity. While Irfan Pathan filmed Harbhajan, Kohli amusingly mimicked his gestures, even replicating Harbhajan’s bowling style. Towards the end, Harbhajan shared his favorite part of the entire mimicry, and the video was met with praise from fans impressed by Kohli’s near-perfect impression.