Humanity Restored: Elderly Rushes To Rescue Girl, 4, Struggling With Electrocution | Watch

Viral Video: A video is going viral on the social media that will restore your faith in humanity. An elderly man rescued a 4-year-old girl from being electrocuted in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi on Tuesday.
The girl accidently came in contact with a faulty wire and fell facedown on road that was enirely waterlogged. As seen in the video, the girl was constantly struggling to get out of the water. However, she was unable to make a breakthrough from the situaton becasue of the live wire that she was in contact with.
After noticing the unfortunate incident, an e-rickshaw stopped and passengers disembarked and rushed to help the child. The video further showed that other bystanders also came forwrad for the aide of 4-year-old.
Meanwhile, an elderly man grabbed a wodden stick and stretched it towards the minor. At first, the girl was unable to get hold of the stick but later she was able to grab that.
As soon as the girl held the wooden piece, the elderly man pulled the girl towards himself cautiously. He was successful to get the girl out of the water and ensured her safety.

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The entire incident was caught in a CCTV camera installed nearly and the footage of which, went viral on the social media spreading postivity and attracting appriciation for the bystanders who helped the minor girl and saved her life.
Speaking on the matter, the police informed that the wire was illegally connected to the main line of city’s electrity grid. While the police have launched an inquiry in the matter, the electricity department has also removed the wire.