Haryana School Principal Enforces Haircut Discipline On 30 Students, Makes Them Bald

As many as 30 students found themselves facing disciplinary action due to their long hair in a government school in Haryana. The school principal, concerned about maintaining discipline, took a drastic step by arranging for the students’ hair to be cut within the school premises. These students were also caught abusing drugs earlier.
Additionally, many of these students had their heads shaved as part of the disciplinary measure. These students were enrolled in classes 10, 11, and 12th at the school. The stricter measures were implemented following the discovery that some students at the school were involved in drug-related activities. Parents of the students have expressed their support for the principal’s initiative.
The incident occurred at a government school situated in a village within the Matlauda block of Panipat district. The school principal explained that a significant number of students in classes 10, 11, and 12th had long hair and sported various hairstyles, which was negatively affecting the school’s discipline.
Furthermore, the presence of long hair has led to issues like lice infestations. To address this, the school instructed the students to have their hair cut short within a 10-day timeframe. While some students complied with this directive after discussions with their teachers, others were unwilling to do so. As a result, the school took the unusual step of bringing in a haircutter to trim the hair of 30 students.
The backdrop to this disciplinary action was an incident that occurred 15 days prior when some students were caught using drugs within the school premises. Teachers promptly alerted the parents about this drug-related problem, and at that time, the intoxicated students received warnings. It was observed that some of the students involved in drug abuse also had long hair, contributing to disruptions in the school’s discipline. Taking all of these factors into account, the school administration decided to take this stringent action.
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