Harrowing! Conflict Over Mobile Phone Leads To Double Murder

A distressing case of double murder in Delhi sent shockwaves across the community. In the tragic incident, a young man, Himanshu, fell prey to a fatal shooting in the vicinity of the Bhaslawa Dairy police station. Meanwhile, another individual, Azad, met a gruesome end through a knife attack and two other youths suffered severe injuries in the same incident. Promptly after the news of this harrowing event surfaced, law enforcement authorities rushed to the scene to initiate an investigation.

The suspects have fled the scene and the police officials are currently investigating the tragic murder to seek more details. In the aftermath of the murder, there was a jurisdictional dispute between the Burari and Bhalswa Dairy police stations, which delayed the removal of the deceased bodies for approximately three hours.

According to the relatives of the deceased, the motive behind this heinous act was a dispute related to a mobile phone. These areas, where the two police stations’ jurisdictions intersect, are notorious for rampant drug-related activities, facilitating more criminal incidences.

How did the conflict commence? 

The tragic chain of events began late on a Saturday evening when a confrontation erupted between a group of young men from Kargil Colony and Samta Vihar Colony. The disagreement escalated rapidly, leading to the use of knives and firearms. During the altercation, a young man named Azad lost his life due to a stabbing, while Sahil and another unidentified youth sustained severe injuries. Simultaneously, another young man named Himanshu was fatally shot.

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Probable Reason Behind The Dispute

Family members of Himanshu revealed that he had engaged in a dispute over a mobile phone with some individuals from the Tapu area. Although this matter had been reported to the police, they failed to intervene on time. Later in the evening, Himanshu was summoned to the culvert located between Samta Vihar and Kargil Colony by a group of individuals. In this treacherous ambush, Himanshu and his friends were attacked by the culprits, resulting in Himanshu’s fatal shooting and immediate death at the scene of the crime.

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