Good News To Bengaluru Riders! New App Rolls Out To Track Your Bus Ride; Deets Here

New Delhi: In a good news to city bus riders, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has officially launched the Namma BMTC mobile app. The application will help the riders to keep track of the buses that they want to board on to. It will carry the information of about the movement of 5,000 BMTC buses.
The new application contains other features including finding nearby bus stops, getting estimated bus arrival time, calculating fares, route planning, and more to provide a comfortable ride to the passengers.
The Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy launched the application on Monday as part of BMTC’s silver jubilee celebrations. In April, for testing purposes, the company allowed anyone to download the app.
At that time, more than 4,000 buses were tracked in real time. BMTC has used funds from the Nirbhaya program to introduce an app, bus monitoring system, passenger information system and other systems.
Tried To Launch The App In 2014
The company tried to launch an app in 2014, but due to various factors, it was not successful. BMTC has a fleet of more than 6,500 vehicles. Under the Nirbhaya scheme, the corporation has received funds to track 5,000 buses.
A tracking system for remaining buses will be implemented in the coming days and then the passengers will be able to keep track of those vehicles as well.
No Provisions For Buying Tickets
Passengers are demanding that BMTC make it easier to buy bus tickets through its mobile app. However, Namma BMTC does not have this feature.
But you can buy tickets (daily, weekly and monthly) through the app. “We are exploring various options to enable passengers to purchase tickets digitally. We have discussed with private players on this issue,” Snehal said.