Friend Tries To Sabotage Marriage, Sends Obscene Pics To Fiance

A shocking conspiracy unfolded in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur as a friend plotted to sabotage her own friend’s marriage. What makes this incident more shocking is that this friend edited and manipulated photos, turning them into explicit images, and then sent them to her friend’s fiancé.

The revelation of this girl’s treacherous act left everyone who heard about it utterly stunned. The young woman, a student, harboured a desire to prevent her friend’s impending marriage from happening. However, when the fiancé received these obscene photos, he was understandably sceptical. He decided to confront his future bride about the photographs, leading to her own shock. Subsequently, both parties decided to report the matter to the police.

The police initiated an investigation, and the unfolding truth left them equally astonished. It was discovered that the person who sent the compromising photos was none other than a close friend of the victim. To add to the complexity, this same friend had invited the victim to her own engagement ceremony. Upon learning of this revelation, the police informed both complainants. Surprisingly, both parties chose not to pursue any legal action against the accused girl.

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This unusual incident occurred in the Badshahi Naka area, where two college friends shared a seemingly good relationship. The victim had her relationship with a young man finalized just a month and a half prior, and her friend had even invited her to the engagement celebration. During the event, the friend took numerous photographs of the victim, but little did she know that these innocent pictures would be used to execute such a devastating scheme.

Ultimately, the friend forwarded these images to the victim’s fiancé through an anonymous number. When he confronted the bride-to-be about the explicit photos, she vehemently denied any involvement. This prompted the couple to file a complaint with the local police. When questioned by authorities, the accused friend admitted that her intention was to prevent her friend’s marriage and, in her misguided effort, she sent the photos to her friend’s fiancé.

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