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Monthly Horoscope: Welcome to your monthly horoscope for the period of October 2023. This month, the celestial dance of the planets promises to bring an exciting array of opportunities and positive transformations into your life.

Chirag Daruwalla presents the monthly horoscope – October 2023:


Ganesha says this month will give good success to the people of Aries in matters of land and property. You can buy a new vehicle or a new asset. There will be a sum of good money and profit. There will be a good increase in your income and expenses will also be under control, due to which you will not have to face any major financial problems. Health-related problems will be under control and your health will be good. Employed people will also get good results and your efforts will give you good success. There can be an increase in your job. Business class people may have to face some problems. Your tuning with a business partner may also get spoiled, so work carefully this month. If students pay attention to their studies, they can get the desired results.

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Ganesha says this month is going to bring mixed results for you. Your expenditure will be very high and if you do not control it then you may have to face financial problems. Saving in bank savings and new schemes will be beneficial for you. Employed people doing technical work will get very good results and you will make progress. This month is good for business people. You can buy a big commercial property in the name of your company. This month is good for a love life. Will have a good time with your friends and lover. Married couples will have some problems regarding family matters. take care of your health.


Ganesha says the natives of Gemini will get good results in trusting themselves this month. Your confidence will increase and people will listen to you carefully. People doing jobs will get success but you can have an argument with the boss. This month will prove to be very beneficial for the business class people and your business will increase. Income will also be good. Due to the negligible expenditure, you will not have to face any major financial problems. Troublesome times can come in love life. You should give some space to your love partner. This month is favorable for married couples. Health will also be good.


Ganesha says Cancer signs people will have to control their expenditures. Expenses will be under control in the second half of the month. You may get some big achievements this month, be it related to your professional life or education life. Students will perform very well in their studies and their education will increase. Employed people will get the benefit of their sharp minds and experience. People of the business class may also have to make some secret investments, for which you will get good results in the coming times. Family life will be good. Happiness will return in love life and married couples will also look happy.


Ganesha says this month is likely to be good for the people of Leo’s zodiac sign. Your income will be tremendous and hence your expenses will also be high. There are definite chances of promotion in the job, so you should also try on your part, this month is good for the business people, your business will grow and you will connect with some new people, your social circle is going to increase, due to which You will get benefit in your professional life. This month will be troublesome for married couples. Quarrels and ill health can create problems between you. Time is going to be romantic for love life. Family life will be good. Students will not feel the burden of their studies. Rather he will read openly.


Ganesha says Virgo sign people will get good results in their careers. Your job will be safe. You will get the benefit of position and prestige. You can also get benefits from a government job. There will be a good increase in income in the second half. There will be some cost but you will not have any problem. Have to be careful about your health. There will be a need to pay special attention to your food and drink. There will be ups and downs in business. Love life will be romantic. There will also be a long journey. Stress may increase in household life and life partner’s health may be affected. You will get success in court.


Ganesha says luck will be with you this month. All your work will be done. Stopped works will also start. There will be a good boom in income. The career will also go well with the influence of the Sun and Mars. Stay away from unnecessary things and focus on your work. There will be some problems in the business but in the second part, the business will run in a better way. There will be ups and downs in health. There can be a problem of mutual understanding between couples in married life. The spouse will look very fast-paced. There will be a situation of ups and downs and quarrels in love life. You have to handle the situation yourself. There will be happiness in the family. There will be chances of traveling abroad. Students may have problems.


Ganesha says Scorpio natives may have to face some problems at the beginning of this month. Health-related problems will trouble you again and again, so you may have to seek the help of a doctor. This month will be romantic for my love life. You can say a special wish to your lover. Household life will be good. You may go on a long trip with your spouse to enjoy holidays somewhere. There will be work pressure on the job and there will be some opponents, who can trouble you, but you will stand firm because of your work. There will be good success in business. Business travel will bring you more success. Foreign travel is also possible. Students will get success.


Ganesha says there will be ups and downs in love life this month. Your lover may wish for something which you will not be able to fulfill and because of that problems may arise between the two of you. Try to understand them. This month is favorable for household life. Your life partner will play the role of your life partner in every way and will stand by you in your happiness and sorrow and you will get their support. Students may have some problems. Employed people are likely to get a promotion. This month is good for business people. Work as hard as you want because it can give you more profit.


Ganesha says for Capricorns, this month may start with some problems in family life. The family environment will seem somewhat toxic and you will feel less at home. The health of someone in the house may deteriorate. This is going to be a very romantic time for married life and your spouse will act as a support system for you. Love life will also be good this month and you can have a love marriage. People doing jobs will have to face some problems. You can get very good benefits from the government sector. Your income will be good but accordingly, the expenditure will also be high. Health has to be taken care of. Do your driving sensibly.


Ganesha says this month is going to be good for you but you have to correct your behavior. You will show some irritable behavior which may land you in trouble. Time is good for a love life. You will share your personal feelings well with your lover and will be able to make a place in his heart. Married couples may have to face rude behavior from their spouse. This month is good for the business class. There will be good growth in your business and you will also get good income from it. You will get benefit from investing in the government sector. Employed people can get good success, but can get into trouble due to some mistake of theirs. Those who live outside the country will get a chance to return to their place of birth. Health will be fine.


Ganesha says this month is going to be good for Pisces people. Your mind will be ready to do many good things. Be it business or politics, you will do well in both and this will give you progress in both fields. Employed people can get a chance to change jobs. A person associated with a family business can get a good profit in business. You will see an increase in your income and you can buy new property. Expenses will continue, but you can avoid them by paying a little attention. Health will be good. Do pay some attention. Family life will give relief. Time is favorable for married life and a very romantic phase is going on for love life.

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