Delhi To Witness Heat Of Stubble Burning After 20 Days: Experts

The stubble burning in Punjab has started and Delhi’s ‘clean air reality’ is eventually coming to an end as the experts predicted that the national capital is going to witness the heat of it in the following 20 days.

Talking to News24, Bhuvam Bhaskar, Senior Environmentalist said, “The capital city will be choked again in the next 20 days if the stubble burning does not stop in Punjab immediately. Not only this, in case of heavy wind the smoke could also reach Delhi soon than this.”

Based on the reports and visual evidence, the recent instances of stubble burning in Punjab on Thursday suggest that the days of “clean air” in the upcoming weeks may be coming to an end. Delhi has experienced air pollution caused by stubble burning in neighboring states during the winter months for several years now.

Informing about the effectiveness of the measures which the Delhi Government has introduced, he said that the deploying water guns in the city and halting the construction activities along with implementing ‘Odd Even scheme’ will not help in controlling the air pollution if the stubble burning continue.

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He termed all the measures revealed by the government as ‘Man Made Measures’ and said that they will not be able to control the city’s pollution and Delhi will eventually turn into a ‘Gas Chamber’ as usual.

“Indeed, the implementation of a comprehensive agriculture policy is of utmost importance to eradicate the widespread practice of stubble burning in agricultural activities. This policy is not only necessary to prevent the wastage of valuable resources but also to protect the overall health of the nation. Every state, including those in the western region like Uttar Pradesh, should actively embrace and adopt such a policy to address this pressing issue,” said Bhaskar, while giving the details of the necessary steps which the government should take to curb the capital’s pollution.

Meanwhile, addressing the issue of stubble burning in Punjab, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Kejriwal on Friday stated, “Last year, stubble burning had decreased by 30% compared to the previous year. This year, the Punjab government has implemented measures, such as crop diversification, which involves cultivating crops other than paddy, and it has received a positive response. Another initiative focuses on short-term varieties of paddy that produce less stubble and allow more time for stubble disposal, and this has also received a positive response. Additionally, some companies have taken steps for ex-situ management of stubble by adopting districts. In these districts, these companies will transport the stubble and convert it into energy or fertilizer. While it is challenging to predict the exact reduction in stubble burning for this year, we anticipate an improvement.”

Delhi Government also announced a 15-point winter action plan to fight air pollution in the city.

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