Delhi Money Heist: Masked Men Rob ₹30 Lakh Worth of Jewels, Caught On CCTV

Delhi, India – In a shocking turn of events, a daring daylight robbery unfolded in the bustling streets of Delhi’s Samaypur Badli. Three audacious masked robbers, armed to the teeth, targeted a jewellery shop, making off with a staggering haul of jewellery valued at ₹30 lakh. The audacious heist was captured on the store’s CCTV cameras, revealing the heart-stopping moments of the crime.
Brazen robbery at 1:20 PM
The robbery, orchestrated by three masked assailants, unfolded around 1:20 pm on a seemingly ordinary Wednesday. These masked culprits arrived at the scene of their crime on a motorbike, wielding dangerous weapons that struck fear into the hearts of onlookers and shopkeepers alike.
Bullets in the air
In a bold display of audacity, the robbers opened fire into the air while fleeing the scene. Their gunshots reverberated through the streets, sending shockwaves through the neighborhood. The daring act was captured on video, which has since gone viral, leaving both the police and the public astonished.

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DCP Reddy’s statement
Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bharat Reddy, provided insights into the audacious robbery. He confirmed that three thieves, all masked and armed, stormed the jewellery shop and made off with every piece of jewellery displayed. As of now, the owners are still assessing the total value of the stolen items.
“We are verifying it,” Free Press Journal quoted DCP Reddy as saying, referring to the viral video of the robbery. The police have already seized several DVRs from the scene and are in the process of analyzing them for crucial evidence.
Firing shots in air
The audacious robbers did not stop at looting the store but also resorted to firing their weapons openly in the streets. This act of violence only added to the panic and chaos in the area.
The Delhi Police are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to bring the culprits to justice and recover the stolen jewellery. As investigations continue, the residents of Samaypur Badli remain on edge, hoping for swift action and the restoration of safety in their neighborhood.