Bengaluru’s Long Weekend Traffic Jam: Chaos at Nandi Hills

As the long weekend is here, the people of the Bengaluru face hardships even trying to reach Nandi Hills – a popular hangout place, which is nearly 60 kilometres away from the city, due to the one-kilometre-long traffic jam.

Bengaluru residents eagerly awaited the long weekend, but the city’s traffic woes were far from taking a break. The popular getaway destination, Nandi Hills, witnessed a massive influx of visitors and vehicles, resulting in a chaotic traffic jam.

The Weekend Rush:

On October 1st, a video emerged online, showcasing the extent of the traffic jam that plagued the roads leading to Nandi Hills. Hundreds of people gathered on the winding mountain roads, their vehicles coming to a standstill due to the sheer volume of traffic.

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Kilometer-Long Traffic Jam:

The video, shared by an X user on a content-sharing platform, aimed to shed light on the situation and inform others about the rush. According to the user, vehicles queued up for a staggering one kilometer before reaching the hilltop destination.

Bengaluru’s Traffic Woes:

Bengaluru is notorious for its traffic congestion and bustling streets. Memes and visuals depicting the city’s vehicular gridlock are commonplace on the internet. The recent incident served as a reminder of the city’s traffic challenges.

Trevor Noah’s Visit:

The traffic snarl coincided with a live show by renowned comedian Trevor Noah, scheduled in late September. As this also marked the beginning of a long weekend, massive traffic congestion was reported on the Outer Ring Road and various parts of the city.

Long weekends often see Bengaluru residents heading out to popular destinations like Nandi Hills, seeking respite from their routine lives. However, the traffic woes that accompany such trips are a recurring challenge that both residents and authorities grapple with.

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