Ahmedabad: Spa Manager Arrested After Video Of Shocking Assault On Woman Goes Viral, Watch Here

Ahmedabad: A horrifying incident in Ahmedabad on September 25 has sent shockwaves through the city as a spa manager, Mohsin, found himself at the center of a public uproar after a violent assault on a woman. The victim was subjected to a hair-pulling, brutal slapping, and kicking by the manager in a disturbing incident that was captured on video and rapidly circulated across various social media platforms.
Following the filing of an FIR by Bodakdev police, the accused spa manager was taken into custody on Thursday. The accused, Mohsin, who owns the spa, is facing charges of assaulting the woman, which reportedly stemmed from a seemingly trivial dispute. The incident, captured on the spa’s CCTV cameras, has ignited widespread discussions and outrage after the video of the assault gained extensive social media attention. The victim, originally from North-East India, had relocated to Ahmedabad for employment purposes.
Complaint filed after counseling
The Galaxy Spa, situated within the Times Square building on Sindhubhavan Road, Ahmedabad, was the scene of the shocking incident. In the viral video footage, Mohsin can be seen forcibly grabbing the woman’s hair in a public setting before launching a physical assault on her.
In response to this appalling incident, the Ahmedabad Police took suo-motu cognizance and launched an investigation. Following counseling sessions, the victim made the decision to formally file a complaint against Mohsin at the Bodakdev police station. Although initially hesitant, she ultimately agreed to take this step with the guidance and support she received. Based on the allegations outlined in her complaint, the Bodakdev police have officially registered an FIR against Mohsin, the spa’s owner, invoking sections 354(A), 294(b), and 323 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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Apology and deterrence
According to the victim, she and Mohsin had jointly established a women’s salon. The conflict arose when she made a remark to a young woman employed at the salon in response to business losses. This dispute led to Mohsin confronting her, resulting in a heated argument that ultimately escalated into the physical assault captured in the video.
The victim initially contemplated calling the police (dialing 100) to report the incident but was dissuaded from doing so by Mohsin, who offered an apology at that moment. It was only after the video garnered widespread attention and the police reached out to her directly that she found the courage to step forward and formally lodge a complaint.

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Victim’s gratitude to police and media
The victim, originally from the North-East, expressed profound gratitude for the support she received from both the police and the media. Their assistance and solidarity provided her with the strength to confront this ordeal, reassuring her that she was not facing it alone. She conveyed her heartfelt appreciation to both the media and the police for their unwavering support during this challenging time.