6-yr-old girl found lying in field with blood stains all over her, went missing while playing outside home

Sonipat: A 6-year-old girl was raped in Sonipat, Haryana and found lying unconscious in the field outside the village. His clothes were stained with blood. After sexually assaulting the girl, she was abandoned.
The relatives took him to the Civil Hospital, from where she was referred to Khanpur Medical College. Murthal police station has started the investigation after registering a case under 6 POCSO Act. The police have also got some important clues.
The family was in the village for a year and a half
According to the information, the girl was playing outside her house with other children in a village of Murthal police station area. It is when her family found out that the girl disappeared under suspicious circumstances. The relatives and villagers searched for her but no clue was found. Police was also informed about this by calling Dial 112.
Innocent found lying in the fields
After about 12 hours, the villagers saw a girl lying in a bloody condition in the fields outside the village. She was unconscious and there was no movement of any kind in her body. The family members of the girl also reached there and recognized their daughter. She was immediately taken to the civil hospital. After investigation, the doctors said that the child had been raped.
Regained consciousness, but the girl is scared
The girl could not bear the pain and torture and became unconscious. Seeing her condition serious, doctors referred her to Khanpur Medical College. The girl regained consciousness, but she is still scared. She is telling the relatives in gestures that who had taken her.
Police got important clues
Police inspected the place where the girl was found lying, and the surroundings very closely. FSL team was also called to collect evidence, as per media reports.
The police gathered information about the incident from the people around. Police got some important clues from here. The SHO said that soon the hands of the police will be on the neck of the predator.