13 Kerala Districts On Yellow Alert As Rain Fury Continues

Continuing downpours in various regions of Kerala have disrupted daily life on Saturday. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a “yellow alert” warning for 13 out of the state’s 14 districts, with the exception being Kottayam. This yellow alert signifies the likelihood of heavy rainfall, ranging between 6 cm and 11 cm.
Reports of uprooted trees, waterlogged areas, and instances of compound walls collapsing have surfaced in multiple locations. Fortunately, no major casualties have been reported due to the persistent rains over the past two days.In the Kuttanad region of Alappuzha district, heavy rainfall has led to the submergence of hundreds of acres of paddy fields, particularly in the tiny hamlet of Edathua.
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As the downpour is anticipated to intensify in the coming hours, the state Disaster Management Authority urged people to be vigilant.
As a precautionary measure, authorities in Thiruvananthapuram have raised the shutters of the Aruvikkara Dam near the state capital by 160 cm due to the rising water levels. With expectations of intensified rainfall in the hours ahead, the state Disaster Management Authority has advised residents in high-altitude areas to remain vigilant. Additionally, fishermen have been cautioned not to venture into the sea until the weather conditions improve.
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